Medical pedagogical care provider about the Fedde&Kees method

From tension and unrest to peace and THE solution! 

For 6 years I have been working as a medical pedagogical care provider in various children's wards in hospitals.

Where I have been guiding parents of restless babies for years. I have gained a lot of experience with different types of methods for swaddling babies.

Since this year I have discovered something new that I would not want to withhold from other professionals!

We have recently lent out the Fedde&Kees set (the sleeping bag and the sheet) to parents, when we think it might be helpful, so that parents can try it at home.

I would like to share a beautiful and successful experience story of a parent with you:

It concerns a mother who has been swaddling her daughter for some time. Together with her partner, they were looking for the right timing to phase out the official swaddling.

Mother said that they discussed this with each other every week, but because of the lack of sleep, they did not dare to take the step.

They came to us for admission to the hospital in the pediatric ward. We started talking about the maternity period and the first months and soon mother told us how intensive it had been.

It was their first child, they had received a lot of advice and there had been a lot of unrest. Soon they started swaddling which proved to be successful. Until she started rolling and parents realized it was time to wind down. But how? 

Parents had tried many things, first one arm out of the pocket, then two, and then back again. Just a few nights without the swaddle but that didn't help either.

It was precisely during that period that they came to our hospital.  

Because we recently got the Fedde&Kees sleeping bag and sheet here in the hospital, I decided to lend this to mother. To try to finish swaddling in a different way.

I called them after a few days to find out how mother was doing. And that was a very surprising and fun telephone conversation.

It went great! 

They had put her in the sleeping bag under the sheet the same evening and it soon became apparent that she seemed used to it. Because the zippers of the sleeping bag can be zipped closed, this gave the limited feeling she was used to. This in combination with the special deep pressure of the sheet. After 2 naps and a little getting used to, parents saw a baby falling asleep quickly, who could take her naps again.

The combination of the sleeping bag and sheet gave her the same feeling she was used to from the old inber bag.

Together they had taken this bump, unlearned the swaddling!

Medical pedagogical care provider, Melissa Cabaret-Wesselius

Frederieke Meihuizen

Ik ben Frederieke, getrouwd met Ewoud en mama van 4 kindjes. Na op veel plekken gewoond te hebben, ben ik gesetteld in Nieuwkoop. Ik werkte in de commercie tot mijn vierde kindje geboren werd. Fedde was een huilbaby en vanuit deze wanhoop heb ik de producten van Fedde&Kees bedacht. Ik gooide mijn leven om en begon met ondernemen. Sinds 2018 help ik andere ouders naar een betere slaap!