Babies sleep better with Fedde&Kees


Find out whether your baby will sleep better

40,000+ babies sleep better with Fedde&Kees. Try it out for 3 weeks and find out if this unique method also works for your baby.

NUNKI sheet

✓ Tight tucking becomes super simple
✓ Helps process stimuli
✓ Safe: cannot come loose

BUNDI sleeping bag

✓ Mild swaddling & phasing out in steps
✓ All-in-one sleeping bag

This way your child falls and stays asleep peacefully.

What are the costs?
NUNKI sheet: 25 euros
BUNDI sleeping bag: 25 euros
Both products: 50 euros

Try out in 3 steps

To request

Request a Try Out and receive personal advice. Order the product(s) based on the advice and instructions given. NB! When you order, you pay the full purchase amount.

To attempt

When you receive the products, please keep the original packaging. You try out for 3 weeks to see whether our unique method works for your child. You keep us informed and receive tips and advice in between.

Keep or return

Are you satisfied? Then nothing happens. You keep purchased product(s). If you are not satisfied, return your product(s) and your purchase price minus the Try Out fee will be refunded to your account.

Our happy customers


How does Nunki work?

Watch the video and discover the NUNKI sheet in 1 minute.

Wondering if the NUNKI sheet works for your child. Try it out for 3 weeks now!!

Trusted by experts:

“I had been looking for a method to apply deep pressure to young children for a long time, especially to restless sleepers. This concept is ingenious in its simplicity.”

“As a maternity nurse, I see many babies moving their arms busy to fall asleep. When using the NUNKI sheet, they immediately feel secure and fall asleep faster and deeper.”

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