If you are not sure whether Fedde&Kees products will help in your situation, you can now also rent it for a short period. This way you can test whether it indeed improves sleep in your little one. After that you can still purchase the products via our website with a nice discount.

Also during this rental period we at Fedde&Kees are ready to give advice and tips if necessary.

For the rental of our products we work closely

Wieghuren voor het huren van wiegjes en de producten van Fedde&Kees

Cradle Hire has been a professional cradle rental company for more than 6 years. Cradle Rent is for all (future) parents who want to let their little one sleep close to them during the first period, but find it too pricey or unsustainable to purchase a new crib for this short period. Cradle Hire has a wide range of quality cribs and co-sleepers from, among others, De Bednest, Bopita, Chicco, CoZee, Hussh and Troll.

You can now also rent a Chicco co sleeper and a wooden co sleeper at an attractive price in combination with our innovative NUNKI sheet

The benefits of renting
If you choose to rent, you will benefit from these great benefits:

✓ Sustainable: with a view to the future of your child

✓ Affordable: no large purchase for a relatively short period of time

✓ Flexible rental periods: choose the desired period yourself and extend if you want

✓ Choice of top brands: always something that suits you and your baby room

✓ Buy after renting anyway Then you get a special discount on the products of Fedde&Kees!!

✓ The very best service: personal contact with Susanne van Wieg Huren and with Frederieke van Fedde&Kees. Ask all your questions about the NUNKI and BUNDI!

Do you have any questions about the NUNKI sheet or the BUNDI sleeping bag Please feel free Contact with us. Do you want to know more about renting? Look at

How does it work?

Via you can choose the following products:

Rent NUNKI sheet

Rent NUNKI sheet & BUNDI sleeping bag

Rent Chicco co sleeper & NUNKI sheet

Rent Wooden Co Sleeper & NUNKI sheet

    You indicate yourself how long you want to rent and when you want to receive the products. If you decide during the rental period that you want to keep the products longer, you can always extend it! All cots and co-sleepers are rented with mattress and bed linen, so you immediately have everything you need. So nice..