Prevent your baby's sleeping problems

When your baby doesn't sleep well, the whole family suffers. We know that better than anyone. In fact, Fedde&Kees was created because the youngest son of founder Frederieke had sleeping problems. That causes stress. Every child is different and unfortunately there is no perfect advice. Yet we have come up with a unique solution that works for many babies!

Why does my baby have sleeping problems?

Your newborn baby is still used to the tight and secure environment of your womb. The well-known fetal position is not so pleasant for nothing, even for adults. However, you should put a young baby in bed on its back to greatly reduce the risk of SIDS. To create a natural sense of security, you can tuck your child in tightly..

Once the maternity assistant is gone, tucking in tightly often becomes a challenge. Babies do not yet have control over their bodies and make a lot of uncontrolled movements, which quickly loosen the sheet. This provides more room to move, more unrest and comes at the expense of the sense of security that babies so badly need.

Preventing sleeping problems in your baby

Rest and regularity are very important for a baby. At least as important is the feeling of security. This is possible with a deep pressure sensation on and limitation of the body. A traditional (but quite intense) and well-known way to achieve this is by swaddling your baby.

At Fedde&Kees we have developed a friendly way to give your baby a deep pressure sensation, limitation and thus security. With the NUNKI sheet tucking in becomes child's play and your baby can no longer untie the sheets and mess up. The constant deep pressure sensation on the upper body provides limitation and security. Your baby makes fewer uncontrolled movements, so it can sleep peacefully.

No sleeping problems with Fedde&Kees

With the  NUNKI sheet from Fedde&Kees you prevent sleeping problems for your child. We offer a solution for every phase: from newborn to older child. Here are the benefits:

✓ Super simple tuck in tight, anyone can do it
✓ Security and limitation through deep pressure
✓ Rest & regularity: 1 way to tuck in
✓ Suitable for 0 months to 3 years
✓ Safe: the sheet cannot come loose

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Solving your baby's sleeping problems

Is your baby already having trouble sleeping? Chances are your baby craves security! You can achieve this by providing a deep pressure sensation and limitation to your baby. Swaddling seems to be the solution, but this is a fairly intense method with a few drawbacks. Swaddling is quite complicated and has to be done in the right way because otherwise you will hinder the development of the hips.

Another disadvantage is that you have to reduce swaddling between 4 and 6 months because your baby will start rolling over. Because the fine motor skills have not yet been developed, the arms often start mowing uncontrollably again and subsequent sleeping problems will return on their own.

If your baby is between 6 and 9 months old and the reduction of swaddling is not possible, the Fedde&Kees method offers the solution. For this we always recommend the combination of the NUNKI sheet and theBUNDI sleeping bag at. Together they offer a great way to phase out swaddling. The  NUNKI sheet is also suitable for older, restless sleeping children up to 3 years old.

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Deep pressure and boundaries provide security. This way, your baby will fall asleep peacefully.

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Tucking your baby in is super simple, anyone can do it. Going to bed will be a loving moment again!

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