Sleeping problems in babies older than 6 months and 1 year or older

When your baby sleeps badly, it probably has to do with the lack of security. Young babies are often swaddled for this reason, but this is a violent method that is not recommended as soon as your baby can roll over. With the Fedde&Kees method you can give your baby of 6 months or older security in a different way.

Solving sleep problems in babies older than 6 months

The Fedde&Kees method consists of the combination of the  NUNKI sheet and the BUNDI sleeping bag up to 9 months.Ideal if your child is already used to swaddling, but it is time to wean off.The  NUNKI sheet delays the moment that babies start to roll over, so that you can use the combination for longer than generally recommended to reduce swaddling. Some kids just need a little more time.

Sleeping problems in babies 1 year or older

The  NUNKI sheet alone offers a safe and pleasant way of tucking in for children up to about 3 years old. Sleeping problems in babies of about 1 year or older often have to do with restlessness in the body. If your child moves a lot, there is a good chance that the sheets will come loose. With the NUNKI sheet fromFedde&Kees can't do that, because the sheet goes around the mattress.

Super simple tuck in tight

JTucking your baby in tightly is simple: you put the sheet on tension and zip it shut. This way you create a deep pressure sensation that provides a feeling of security and limitation. The sheet does not fixate and therefore offers freedom of movement. Older babies can then adopt any desired sleeping position. This way they can relax and fall asleep peacefully in their own way.

Discover how going to bed becomes a relaxing and loving moment, with the peace and regularity that your child so badly needs. Almost every parent sees sleep improvement after just a week!

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Deep pressure and boundaries provide security. This way, your baby will fall asleep peacefully.

Easy to tuck in

Tucking your baby in is super simple, anyone can do it. Going to bed will be a loving moment again!

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