Sleep better from day 1

Your baby is tight and secured in the womb. The transition to the outside world is big: breathing, light, sound, space to move. Sleeping in a bed also takes some getting used to. The NUNKI sheet lends a hand. Through deep pressure, your baby experiences that nice and familiar womb feeling in bed. This way your baby can sleep peacefully from birth.


The womb feeling

You don't really need to do anything if you're pregnant. Everything your baby needs, he will find in the tummy. In the safe cocoon, your baby receives constant oxygen and nutrition. Stimuli such as sound and light enter in a muted manner. It's cramped and warm and your baby is slowly rocking back and forth in the amniotic fluid when you move. Everything is nice and comfortable.

Your baby has jet lag

Suddenly your baby has to leave his safe warm home. Everything is new: breathing, loud noises, bright lights, changing temperature, clothes on the skin, the taste of milk. Your baby doesn't have a sleep schedule yet. In the stomach he just took a nap every now and then. He does not know the difference between day and night. What a shock!

Help your baby sleep from day 1

Every baby has its own unique rhythm. Slowly he should get used to the rhythm of your family. You can't force him to sleep, but you can provide the ideal conditions. The NUNKI sheet provides the security that your baby so desperately needs. Tucked in tightly is super simple and the sheet cannot come loose. This way your baby will experience that pleasant womb feeling safely in bed day and night.

✓ The familiar womb feeling in bed
✓ Rest & regularity: 1 way of tucking in
✓ Fixed sleeping ritual from day 1

Fedde&Kees hugs your baby to sleep

Nothing is nicer than a big hug from mom or dad, but you can't always be around. When your baby goes to sleep, the NUNKI sheet provides that firm hug in bed. The elastic fabric at the top creates adeep pressure sensation on the upper body. This helps your baby relax and process stimuli, just like in the womb.

This is how Fedde&Kees hugs your baby safely to sleep!

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Deep pressure and boundaries provide security. This way, your baby will fall asleep peacefully.

Easy to tuck in

Tucking your baby in is super simple, anyone can do it. Going to bed will be a loving moment again!

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