Gift Voucher Conditions

In addition to our General Terms and Conditions, the gift voucher conditions below apply to all gift vouchers purchased by Fedde&Kees B.V. ("Fedde&Kees") issued gift cards. By using a Fedde&Kees gift voucher, you accept these gift voucher conditions and you undertake to comply with them.

  1. The following conditions apply to all gift vouchers issued by Fedde&Kees (both electronic and printed gift vouchers, hereinafter collectively: Gift voucher) that are sold by Fedde&Kees.s.
  1. The Gift Voucher is issued in denominations of 5.00, 15.00, 25.00, 35.00 and 50.0050,00
  1. Each Gift Voucher is provided with a unique code. This can be a number code and/or PIN code and/or text code. Each Gift Voucher is issued only once. You must keep the Gift Voucher (including the code) carefully. In the event of theft (including the use by unauthorized third parties of the code) or loss (including the accidental or unintentional deletion of e-mails), no compensation will be made. Only original Gift Vouchers and codes can be used and must be provided to Fedde&Kees upon request. Fedde&Kees reserves the right to only accept a Gift Voucher after receipt of the original Gift Voucher (in the case of an electronic Gift Voucher: the email from Fedde&Kees with the relevant code). In the event of improper use, payment in money is still required.
  1. To use a Gift Voucher, you must place your selected products in the "shopping cart". During the payment process you enter the exact code of the Gift Voucher and press Apply. The (remaining) value of the Gift Voucher will be deducted from the Subtotal. After you have filled in all your contact information, press Continue Sending. Choose your shipping method and press Go to payment.alen”.
  1. If the value of the Gift Voucheris equal to the total amount, it says Your order will be paid with your Gift Voucher. Review the order and complete the order.. 
  1. If the total amount of the orderis higher than the value of the Gift Voucher used, the difference must be paid with one of the other payment methods: IDEAL, credit card (VISA or MEASTRO), Bancontact or a discount code. If the value of the gift cardn less is than the subtotal amount, the total amount shows the remaining amount, which must be paid in some other way. Complete the order. Choose the payment method for the remaining amount and check the order. Complete the order and you will be forwarded to the chosen shipping method.

  2. The nature, value, duration, expiration date and/or any applicable other specific terms of use can be found on the webpage where you can redeem the Gift Voucher. Each Gift Voucher is valid up to 1 year after purchase. After the expiry date, the Gift Voucher can no longer be redeemed.
  1. The Gift Voucher issued by Fedde&Kees can only be exchanged for purchases of products 
  1. The Gift Voucher cannot be used for open orders.
  1. The Gift Voucher or its residual value cannot be exchanged for cash.
  1. The residual value of the Gift Voucher can be used for subsequent orders. This value is visible by going to the e-mail in which your Gift Voucher from Fedde&Kees is ready. Click to redeem the Gift Voucher. Below the value of the Gift Voucher, the remaining amount is stated. The residual value is not transferable and can only be used from the same account where the Gift Voucher was first used and during the validity of the Gift Voucher.
  1. The right of withdrawal does not apply to the Gift Voucher itself. The Gift Voucher cannot be returned.
  1. In case Fedde&Kees on the basis of article 8 - Right of withdrawal of theTerms and Conditions, proceeds to a refund of (part of) the invoice value, in case of use of the Gift Voucher as well as payment by means of IDEAL Bancontact or credit card, restitution will take place as much as possible by increasing the Gift Voucher balance to the original balance. If this should not be sufficient, the remaining refund will be made by means of a refund in money by means of IDEAL, Bancontact or credit card to the account number known to us. If the Gift Voucher is used exclusively for payment, a refund will be made by increasing the Gift Voucher balance.
  1. It is not permitted to change, falsify, undermine or otherwise affect the Gift Voucher or its functioning (including hacking).
  1. Every (attempted) fraud or other unauthorized act is registered and leads to the use of the Gift Voucher being denied.
  1. It is not permitted to use the Gift Voucher in any way whatsoever for commercial purposes and/or purposes other than those for which they were issued.
  1. These gift card terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time. We recommend that you always consult the gift voucher conditions before using the gift voucher. If you continue to use the Gift Voucher after the changes have taken effect, you thereby accept the amended Gift Voucher conditions.
  1. You can redeem an unlimited amount of Gift Voucher or a combination of a maximum of 1 discount code and an unlimited amount of Gift Voucher per order.
  1. Fedde&Kees will process and treat all data and information when purchasing the Gift Voucher in accordance with itsprivacy policy, which can be found on the Fedde&Kees website.

  2. If you have any questions or comments about the use of the Gift Voucher or problems with redemption, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us atContact Form and we will deal with your inquiry as soon as possible.