Mild alternative for swaddling your baby

The Fedde&Kees NUNKI sheet and BUNDI sleeping bag have been specially developed for babies who sleep restlessly. Together they offer a gentle alternative to swaddling your baby. Your baby has just a little more freedom of movement than with traditional swaddling and tucking in with the sheet is a lot easier.

To swaddle your baby or not?

Are you unsure whether you want to swaddle your baby or not? We completely understand. Traditional swaddling is a pretty intense, complicated and time-consuming method to calm your baby. Yet many babies fall asleep more easily if they can no longer move uncontrollably. At Fedde&Kees we are therefore a fan of a milder alternative to swaddling. Our products give your baby a little more freedom of movement, met all the benefits of traditional swaddling.

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Tuck it in tightly with the NUNKI sheet

Tucking your baby in tightly becomes child's play with the  NUNKI sheet. The deep pressure sensation offers your child immediate security and limitation. You put the sheet around the mattress with Velcro. To tuck your baby in, all you have to do is tighten the sheet and zip it shut. This is simpleand safe, because your baby can no longer get tangled in the sheets.

Swaddling baby with the BUNDI sleeping bag

The BUNDI sleeping bag, together with the  NUNKI sheet, is a mild alternative to swaddling. You don't have to work with complicated cloths, but simply put your child on the sleeping bag. You zip the sleeves to the body, so that your baby has less freedom of movement. This way your baby can better surrender to sleep. Dismantling is easy by making the zipper a little higher each time. The BUNDI sleeping bag works most effectively in combination with the NUNKI sheet.

Is Fedde&Kees suitable for my baby?

Fedde&Kees' well-thought-out method suits almost every child: from newborn to 12 months. The  NUNKI sheet is even suitable for children up to about 3 years old! Our sheet does not fixate, so babies can also safely lie in the hurray position. Swaddling is not recommended for children with hip dysplasia, reflux and eczema, but Fedde&Kees also works pleasantly and safely for these children.

If you are not sure whether the Fedde&Kees method is right for your child, please don't hesitate to contact us! We have already helped many thousands of babies (and parents) to get a better night's sleep and are happy to think along with you..

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Deep pressure and boundaries provide security. This way, your baby will fall asleep peacefully.

Easy to tuck in

Tucking your baby in is super simple, anyone can do it. Going to bed will be a loving moment again!

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