phasing out swaddling

Weaning off swaddling can be tricky if your baby doesn't sleep without swaddling. Your child is used to the boundaries and craves that feeling of security. It is therefore not a good idea to stop swaddling overnight. Let your baby get used to the new situation slowly by tapering off the swaddling step by step.

When to phase out swaddling

Somewhere between 3 and 6 months your baby will start rolling over. This is the time to stop swaddling immediately. Rolling a swaddled baby on its stomach can have unpleasant consequences. So don't take any risks and start phasing out swaddling in time. Generally accepted guidelines recommend weaning off swaddling before 6 months of age.

Easy Swaddlingphase outwith Fedde&Kees

The Fedde&Kees  NUNKI sheet and BUNDI sleeping bag have been specially developed to make it easier to reduce swaddling. The  NUNKI sheet takes away the anxiety and offers security and limitation through the deep pressure sensation. The sleeping bag has zippers under the arms that you can open a little further each time. You determine the pace yourself. This way your baby can slowly get used to a little more freedom of movement.

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Tip! Start with the first steps during the afternoon naps. This has the least impact on your own night's sleep. Start with the non-dominant arm by closing the zipper a little less each time. Once your baby is used to this, take the other arm with you step by step.

Reducing swaddling with other methods

If you use the traditional swaddling method, then the reduction starts with the complete release of one arm. This is immediately a big step, because your baby suddenly gets a lot more room to move. Fine motor skills and muscle control only develop between 7 and 9 months. If you have to stop the swaddling a few months earlier because of the rolling over, your baby is often not ready for this freedom of movement. The uncontrolled movements then make it more difficult for your baby to sleep.

The good news is that you can use the Fedde&Kees method longer because the  NUNKI sheet delays the first phase of the rolling over. After that, the  NUNKI sheet is suitable for children up to about 3 years. d
e solution for restless babies who can already roll over.

Questions about phasing out swaddling?

The combination of the NUNKI sheet and BUNDI sleeping bag has been very successful for thousands of babies when it comes to slowly reducing swaddling. Every baby is different, so if you would like advice, we are here for you. take it easyContact with us.

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