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More than 40,000 babies already sleep better with fedde&kees. do you have no experience with fedde&kees yet and are you curious about what thousands of parents think of our products? view all fedde&kees experiences from experts and our customers on this page..

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“I had long been looking for a method to apply deep pressure to young children, especially to restless sleepers. This concept is genius in its simplicity.”

“As a maternity nurse I see many babies moving their arms to sleep, with the use of the NUNKI sheet they immediately feel secure and fall asleep faster and deeper.”

Fedde&Kees experiences

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Easy to tuck in

Tucking your baby in is super simple, anyone can do it and everyone does it the same way.


The fine pressure helps your child relax and process stimuli. This way, your baby will fall asleep peacefully.

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