10 advantages of the BUNDI sleeping bag

The BUNDI sleeping bag is a real lifesaver for parents of children who sleep restlessly. The all-in-one sleeping bag has a unique design with zippers under the sleeves. This makes the sleeping bag not only ideal for children who have difficulty sleeping peacefully, but it also helps to reduce the need for swaddling. But there are many more reasons why thousands of parents experience the BUNDI sleeping bag as an absolute must-have!

As a mother of four children, I have it BUNDI sleeping bag specially developed for my youngest son. He was a very restless sleeper and I was looking for a way to calm him down. If you are interested in the details, you can the story behind Fedde&Kees read.

Just like our award-winning NUNKI sheet the BUNDI sleeping bag is a product that I, as a mother, longed for when my children were still small. I decided to develop the product myself so that other parents can also benefit from it. More than 30,000 babies now enjoy a better night's sleep with Fedde&Kees products and I am very proud of that! In this article you can read why BUNDI is the favorite sleeping bag of thousands of parents.

1. Milder than traditional swaddling

Traditional swaddling is a fairly intense, complicated and time-consuming method to calm your baby. Yet many babies fall asleep more easily if they can no longer move uncontrollably. That's why I'm a fan of a milder alternative. The BUNDI sleeping bag has zippers under the sleeves that you can zip to the body. With the zippers closed, your child has more freedom of movement than with traditional swaddling, but he can no longer move with his arms. So it only has the benefits of swaddling! Want to know more? Then read the article The pros and cons of swaddling.

2. Determine freedom of movement per nap

With the zippers under the sleeves you can determine the freedom of movement per sleep: with the zippers open it is a normal sleeping bag and with the zippers closed it is a mild alternative to swaddling. The zippers are very strong, so you can also choose to close the zippers only a little. This makes the sleeping bag ideal for phasing out swaddling! Simply open the zippers a little further each time you sleep and let your child slowly get used to more and more freedom of movement. If your child is having a difficult day, you can close the zippers completely and give yourself a little more freedom of movement the next day. This way you can reduce swaddling step by step, at a pace that suits your child.  

3. Ideal for night feeding

The BUNDI sleeping bag is your best friend during night feeding. The zippers under the sleeves make the whole process simple, so you and your baby are not completely wide awake after feeding. Once you have finished feeding, close the zippers again and put your baby back in bed. This can be done in just a few seconds and is much less hassle than swaddling. The BUNDI sleeping bag also has built-in mittens that can protect your chest from scratching during feeding.

4. Built-in mittens

The built-in mittens have all kinds of advantages. They give your child a safe and secure feeling, making it easier to fall asleep. The mittens also protect you and your baby from scratching, because those little nails can be very sharp! You can choose when you use the mittens. For example, if your baby is hot or is at risk of fever, it is better to avoid it. Babies cannot yet sweat like adults do and lose heat through their heads and hands. If your baby is warm, it is important that your hands are free.

5. Safe swaddling in the summer

With the BUNDI sleeping bag you don't have to worry about overheating in the summer. It is made of airy and breathable fabric, making it the perfect choice for safely swaddling your baby, even in warm weather. The sleeping bag has a TOG value of 0.3, so it can also be used in the summer. Unlike swaddling, the hands are completely free, which means your baby can easily lose heat. This way you can be sure that your baby stays comfortable and cool while napping.

6. Safe swaddling after vaccination

After vaccinations, babies can get a fever. For that reason, it is better not to swaddle your baby, because then he cannot lose the heat properly because his hands are in the swaddle bag. That is extra annoying, because after a vaccination your baby probably has an extra need for comfort and security. Fortunately, you can use the BUNDI sleeping bag safely. The soft material gives your child a nice feeling and the hands are free to lose heat.

7. Contributes to a fixed sleep ritual

The BUNDI sleeping bag can help create a fixed sleep ritual for your baby. Putting on and taking off the sleeping bag acts as a signal to your little one that it is time to go to sleep. This way your child mentally prepares for what is to come and that will remove anxiety. It has been proven that a consistent sleep ritual contributes to a good night's sleep!

8. Helps with troubled feeding

Some babies may be restless during feeding, especially if they experience external stimuli. The BUNDI sleeping bag helps reduce stimuli and creates a soothing cocoon in which your baby can concentrate on feeding. If your child moves a lot with his or her arms, you can choose to close the zippers under the sleeves (a little). In this way, the sleeping bag can contribute to a relaxed feeding moment for you and your baby.  

9. It's extremely simple

What parents love about the BUNDI sleeping bag is how easy it is to use. Everyone can do it and do it right the first time. The zippers under the sleeves are easy to operate. No hassle, just simple and effective.

Putting on the sleeping bag does take some practice. The effect lies in the tight sleeves and they should therefore be really tight! To make it easier to put on, it is best to choose a romper with short sleeves or without sleeves. In warm weather, only a diaper is sufficient! Tip: roll back the sleeves of the BUNDI sleeping bag to easily get the hand through.

10. Just a very nice sleeping bag!

The BUNDI sleeping bag is a very nice product that both babies and parents love. It can be used as a swaddle bag, but also as a 'normal' sleeping bag. The soft and airy fabric provides ultimate comfort. The sleeping bags are so nice that parents regularly ask us if we also sell larger sleeping bags without zippers, for when the child gets older. These are not yet in our range, but we are very pleased to hear that parents are so happy with the BUNDI sleeping bag.


NB! Never buy the BUNDI sleeping bag when it is growing. Your child can move too much in a sleeping bag that is too large, which is at the expense of functionality. It is not the age, but the height of your child that is decisive. Also look at: What size sleeping bag does my child need??

If you are going to purchase the BUNDI sleeping bag, I recommend that you also read this article: 8 tips to use BUNDI optimally.



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