3 golden sleeping tips for your baby on holiday

Holidays with your family are a time to make beautiful memories and spend a lot of time together. Yet research shows that going on holiday is one of the biggest stressors for parents.

All the preparations, transferring your work properly, traveling and packing. But also the uncertainty of how your baby will react to a different rhythm, different climate and perhaps time zone and especially how will baby sleep on holiday.?’

Because Desk of sleep wants you to have a relaxing holiday, they share 3 golden sleeping tips for your baby on holiday, so that you can all sleep well on holiday.

1. Preparation is key!

Going on holiday with children is nice, but make sure you don't encounter too many surprises:

  • Make a list of essential items. Find out in advance what is available at your holiday address. And if you are going on holiday by plane, inquire what facilities are available or which facilities you need to reserve;;
  • The better prepared you are, the less stress you will have. If you have a lot of tension, your baby can take over;;
  • As a precaution, take garbage bags with you to make the bedroom dark. There are also plenty of ready-made blackout curtains with suction cups for sale (online);
  • What kind of bed is available and is your child used to sleeping in it? What kind of bedding do you take with you?e?
  • Plan some quiet days beforehand, but especially when you return home. This way your baby can acclimatize again and get into the rhythm. Don't plan the first day(s) of your holiday completely full.

2. Offer your child support with the sleep rhythm and fixed rituals

Try to stay in the same sleep rhythm as at home as much as possible. The place to sleep is less important. So a nap in the car, the bed outside in the shade or in the baby carrier is really not a problem. The point is that your baby has the opportunity to go to sleep at peaks of tiredness. If you go over it too often and too much, your child will become tired and in combination with extra stimuli and less routine; you will see that again in the nights.

By following the regular routines at home as much as possible, your child links this to going to sleep.

  • Always try to stick to your regular bedtime ritual of song, book, cuddling, etc. before going to sleep;
  • Bring familiar items from home, think of the sleeping bag, music and the cuddly toy. And you use it at home NUNKI sheet, take it with you on holiday. The regular act of putting your child under the sheet is a routine that links your child to a good night's sleep. This also applies to white noise, for example.

3. Mindset

Sleeping in a different place can really be exciting for your baby. Accept that things will turn out differently. One child is more sensitive to a changing environment than another child. If you are going on holiday with your baby for the first time, unfortunately you cannot plan and direct everything.

Holidays with children are wonderful, but also really different:

  • Don't plan too many outings in one day;;
  • Ensure sufficient rest moments;
  • Be flexible with where you sleep: sleeping is more important than where;
  • Enjoy! Relax! The more stressed you are, the less well your child will sleep.

And remember, if you're not sleeping well, build in some rest days at home to get back into your old rhythm with all the familiar routine and stuff and everything will be fine again within a few days..

Happy Holidays!


Marijke & team

Bureau of Sleep helps families get more rest and sleep. Their loving approach is characteristic, which is why they do not work with sleep training or strict sleep schedules. If you want more sleeping tips, follow Bureau of Sleep Instagram or take a look at their website. Desk of sleep also has a special one sleeping on holiday guide released, packed with tips for a relaxing holiday.


Desk of Sleep

Marijke Smeding is a child sleep coach and owner of Desk of sleep. Together with her team of professional, certified sleep coaches, she helps parents to get more (night) rest in the family every day. Bureau of sleep works with a loving approach, without letting your child cry or sleep training. on Instagram they share the world of free sleeping tips.