5 reasons why parents prefer not to swaddle

Swaddling has been a common method of calming and comforting newborn babies for centuries. It involves wrapping your baby tightly in swaddling clothes, which makes him feel safe and secure. Although many parents consider swaddling to be a useful technique, there are also parents who choose not to do it. Read this article for several reasons why some parents choose not to swaddle their babies.

1. Your child, your education

Let us first assume that you (or together with your partner) decide how you want to raise your child. As a parent you have unique styles and beliefs - and swaddling doesn't suit some parents' personal preferences. There are parents who prefer to give their child time to find peace on their own, instead of immediately opting for swaddling.

There are also parents who prefer to give their baby a little more freedom of movement, so that he can actively discover the world around him. If you have any doubts about swaddling, read about the pros and cons of swaddling and decide for yourself how you want to handle it. You know what is best for you and your little one!

2. Lack of freedom of movement

Babies have a natural urge to explore and move. Some parents choose not to swaddle their baby because they believe in the importance of adequate freedom of movement. They want their little one to be able to move their arms and legs freely, so they can develop their motor skills and explore the world around them. By giving your baby space to move freely, you can stimulate his development and let him enjoy his natural curiosity.

Important to know: swaddling does not stop natural development, but some parents prefer it if their baby can move freely.

You can also better recognize your baby's natural signals. When your baby is swaddled, he cannot move his arms at all. You therefore miss the body language that your baby naturally uses to communicate. For example, consider moving your thumb to your mouth (hunger!) or rubbing your eyes (tired).

3. Sensitive skin

Babies have sensitive skin that needs extra care and attention. Your little one may experience an allergic reaction or skin irritation due to the materials used when swaddling. You naturally want the best for your baby and prevent possible skin problems. That is why it is important to choose bedding made from a fine, soft and breathable fabric. At Fedde&Kees we receive many compliments about the soft cotton we use for our products!

4. Your baby's unique needs

Every baby is different and has their own needs and temperament. Some babies feel most comfortable when they can move their arms and legs freely. Swaddling can actually feel restrictive to them and lower their comfort level. This can cause your baby to become restless or even cry when you try to swaddle him. You know your little one best and can decide what works best for him.

5. You also have to phase out swaddling

Swaddling isn't forever. When your baby learns to roll, you should immediately stop swaddling. If your baby is used to that tight and secure feeling, there is a good chance that he will no longer fall asleep without it. Some parents find it difficult to make this transition and therefore choose not to start swaddling at all.

Fortunately, there are other techniques to soothe and comfort your baby, such as NUNKI sheet. Your baby can move and raise his hands under this sheet. The sheet has an elastic band that provides gentle pressure on the upper body, allowing your baby to relax better. For example, the NUNKI sheet only has the benefits of swaddling.

Bonus tip: have you already started swaddling and now you need or want to reduce it? Then it is possible BUNDI sleeping bag help you enormously. It is a sleeping bag with zippers under the sleeves. With the zippers closed, your child can move a little more than when swaddling, but no longer uncontrollably mow with his arms. By opening the zippers a little further, you can gradually reduce swaddling, at a pace that suits your child!

How do you approach it??

It's important to remember that swaddling isn't the only option for calming and comforting your baby. There are many other methods and approaches you can use to meet your child's needs. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the choices you make and that you listen to your own intuition and your baby's behavior. Good luck!



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