6 month jump:my baby won't sleep anymore

The 6 month jump is a very intense one. Your baby has already gone through a lot of development in the first six months, but the real thinking can begin from the age of 6 months. Unfortunately, this brain growth spurt can cause your child to suddenly have much more difficulty sleeping. What exactly happens during this leap What can you do as a parent to make this period easier? Read all about the 6-month leap and your child's sleeping behavior in this article.je.

What happens during the 6 month jump?

At the 6 month jump something important happens. In this phase your child learns to see the relationship between different events. During the 4 month jump your baby has already learned to recognize events. This knowledge is now expanded with the ability to perceive and understand relationships between different things. Your baby understands for the first time how objects and events relate to each other.

The individual puzzle pieces are now falling together and the world suddenly looks very different! That is a big change, which your baby often needs some time to get used to. During the 6-month jump, your baby may therefore become tearful and hangry. This hanging phase lasts about 4 weeks for most babies, but it is also possible that your baby only needs 1 week or 5 weeks.

New skills

Now that your child understands that events and objects (can) be related to each other, your baby will experiment with this. A simple example is discovering that you can place a block in, behind, on or under another block. To let your baby play with this, you can place a basket or box full of toys. Your child will try to take objects out of the basket, put them next to them and put them back in the basket.

Week 29 and 30: afraid of distance

After week 26, most babies are happier again, because they now understand the world better. A few weeks later, something else happens: your baby now understands that if you walk away, you are increasing the distance between you. This is a result of the new way of thinking he developed during the jump. Because of this new realization, your baby may suddenly find it very exciting when you walk away and leave him behind. That is why your baby may start crying when you leave the room. He suffers from separation anxiety and really wants to stay close to mom. This may feel like a regression, but in fact this lack of knowledge is a big step forward.  

What can I do?

As with any jump, it is important to understand that your baby is having a hard time. So take your baby seriously! Don't think he's showing off, but give comfort when needed. A number of tips to help your child slowly get used to the idea that mom is not always in sight:

  • Tell tell your baby exactly what happens: announce that you are going away for a while, tell them what you are going to do and say that you will come back afterwards.
  • Keep talking or sing as you walk away so your baby hears that you are still nearby.
  • Play peek-a-boo regularly’ with toys, but also by disappearing for a short time and coming back.
  • Don't just suddenly disappear. Always say you are leaving and say goodbye. Is your baby very unfamiliar? Make sure there is someone there to tell mommy to come back later..
  • Create a short and powerful farewell ritualso that your baby understands better what is about to happen. Comforting is good, but comforting for too long is confusing.
  • Create a positive ritual when you get home. Give your baby a hug and tell him you are happy to see him or her again. This strengthens your relationship and ensures that separation anxiety does not worsen.
  • Always let your baby get used to new things. Is your baby in a new place or will there be a new babysitter? Give your baby at least an hour to get used to it before you leave.  
  • Once more: take separation anxiety seriously and reassure your baby! This way you give your child the confidence that everything will be fine.

Bonus tip: Give your child sufficient security in bed! An insecure baby can feel lost and alone in bed. Making the bed a nice place where your baby feels safe can make walking away from mom less scary. Tuck your baby in tightly or use it NUNKI sheet for that nice tight feeling that your baby knows from the womb. This helps your child relax and calm, making it easier to fall asleep.



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