8 tips to use BUNDI optimally

BUNDI is a handy all-in-one sleeping bag with sleeves that you can zip. It is a mild alternative to swaddling, which allows your baby to move a little more. You determine how much freedom of movement your baby has per nap. In this article you can read how you can adjust BUNDI to what your child needs at that moment and how phasing out swaddling suddenly becomes a lot easier!

Tip 1. Choose the right size

BUNDI is a different sleeping bag than you are used to. The sleeping bag should fit around your child's body like a second skin. The tighter it is, the better it works! If the sleeping bag is too big, your child will have too much room to move and it will not work properly. Buy it BUNDI sleeping bag therefore never on growth!

What size do I need?
The sleeping bags are available in 3 sizes: from 0 to 4 months, from 4 to 8 months and from 8 to 12 months. This age indication is only an estimate to make it easier for parents, but in the end it all comes down to the height of your child.

Baby length:


Can be used until**:

+/- 50 to 65 cm

0 - 4 M

+/- 6 M

+/- 66 to 72 cm

4 - 8 M

+/- 10 M

> +/- 73 cm

8 - 12 M

+/- 14 M

We often receive questions about size when a child is 3 months old, for example. Parents prefer to buy the middle size, because they are afraid that the smallest sleeping bag can only be used for a few weeks. That is not true! As you can see in the diagram, you can use BUNDI for quite a few months. The sizes are based on the time of purchase and not on the age at which the sleeping bag can be used.

Therefore the advice: choose the right size!
If you choose a size that is too small, you will not be able to get the tight sleeves over the arms. Chooses your size is too large. Then the sleeping bag has little or no effect..

Tip 2. Roll up the sleeves before putting them on

The sleeves of the BUNDI sleeping bag are tight, because that is necessary for its operation. This does mean that it takes some practice to put on the sleeping bag. Our tip: Wear a romper with short sleeves or without sleeves. In warm weather, just a diaper is enough! Then first roll back the sleeves of the BUNDI sleeping bag, so that it is easier to get the hand through. You can see how that works in the instruction video below..

Tip 3. Close the zipper correctly

The video above also shows you how to close the zipper correctly. Once you have put on the sleeping bag, first fold away the protective piece of fabric and then attach the zipper and hold the collar with one hand. With the other hand you zip the sleeping bag closed. Then fold the edge of fabric at the collar around the zipper, so that the soft fabric protects your child against possible scratches.

Tip 4. Use the strings at the bottom

The sleeping bag may be a bit on the long side at first, which is why there are strings at the bottom. By tying the strings together you limit the freedom of movement and create a safe cocoon for your child. It works like this: when you put on the sleeping bag, give it a gentle tug downwards so that it is snug around the upper body. You can now easily tie the excess fabric under the feet together with the strings. This way you can always adjust the length of the sleeping bag using the strings to what your child needs at that moment!!

Tip 5. Whether or not to use the mittens

The sleeves have built-in mittens that you can fold over your hands. The mittens provide extra security, making your baby feel safer and fall asleep more easily. In some cases it is better not to use the mittens. If your child is short of breath or has a fever, for example - or after a vaccination, because the chance of an increase increases sharply. Babies cannot yet sweat like adults do and lose heat through their heads and hands. If your baby is (too) warm, it is important that his hands are free.  

The advantage of the BUNDI sleeping bag compared to swaddling is that you can use BUNDI safely in many situations - precisely because the hands are not tucked in. For more information, also read the article ‘When to swaddle Swaddling is not safe in these 8 situations!'’

Tip 6. Follow the washing instructions

Fedde&Kees products are of good quality, so you can certainly use them for a longer period of time. Once your baby has outgrown it, you can easily give the sleeping bag to someone else! Prevent wear and tear from occurring faster than necessary by using, treating and washing the sleeping bag correctly. Follow these washing instructions:

  • Always close the zippers when washing.
  • Wash at 30 degrees. You can wash it at a warmer temperature, but at higher temperatures there is a chance that the fabric will become less beautiful.
  • Allow to air dry, as the tumble dryer can have a negative effect on the zippers.

Tip 7. Reduce swaddling step by step

Weaning off swaddling can be a huge challenge. Releasing one arm is often too much, which immediately makes your baby restless. The BUNDI sleeping bag solves this problem. With the zippers closed, your baby has a little more freedom of movement, but he cannot mow with his arms. By opening the zippers a little further each time you sleep, you can reduce swaddling in small steps, at a pace that suits your child!

Reading tip: ‘Reducing swaddling: the ultimate step-by-step plan'

Tip 8. Is your child restless in bed? Combine with NUNKI!!

The BUNDI sleeping bag is a mild alternative to swaddling. Just like any other swaddling method, it combats the symptoms of restlessness in bed. It is advisable to also address the cause of the unrest. There is a good chance that your child is restless because he lacks security, does not yet know exactly where his body ends, is not used to a lot of freedom of movement or does not yet have control over his arms and legs.

With the NUNKI sheet you can help your child relax. With the award-winning sheet you can create the ideal bedtime ritual for your baby: super simple and safe tucking. The gentle pressure on the upper body helps your baby relax and process stimuli, just like in the womb. This gives a nice and safe feeling, which helps your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. The sheet fits around the mattress and cannot come loose, so your child enjoys a secure and safe feeling throughout his or her sleep.

The combination of the NUNKI sheet and the BUNDI sleeping bag works optimally because it addresses both the cause and the consequences of restlessness.




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