9 sleeping tips for babies in warm weather

Summer is in full swing and that brings extra challenges when your baby goes to sleep.There is a good chance that in warm weather your child will sleep more restlessly, fall asleep more easily or wake up faster. Read 9 sleeping tips for babies with warm weather in this article!

1. Put your child to bed at the normal time

Warm weather causes people to naturally adjust their daily routine. It is much too hot during the day, so you only really become active in the evening. You eat later and maybe go to bed later because it cools down and you can't sleep in the heat anyway. This changing behavior can upset your baby, so try to stick to a regular bedtime for your baby as much as possible. Rest and regularity are extremely important for babies and adjusting the routine to the hot weather often has the opposite effect..

2. Keep a cool room

The ideal temperature for a baby's room is 18 to 20 degrees, so do everything you can to keep your child's room cool. On hot days, keep the curtains, windows and door closed. Blinds or blackout curtains can help keep the heat out. In summer it often cools down late at night (or early in the morning), which is the time to ventilate well and let in fresh air. It is not recommended to place a fan right next to the bed when your child goes to sleep. If the room is really too warm, place the bed in another room where it is cooler.s.

3. Let your baby drink extra

In hot weather you lose moisture, while a baby needs it very much to maintain the body temperature. So make sure your baby gets enough to drink. Chances are that your baby will want to drink on its own in warm weather, but it can't hurt to offer the breast (or a bottle) extra often. It is not recommended to water your baby. Read more about this onbreastfeeding.com. Here you will also find useful tips for mothers about breastfeeding in warm weather.

4. Get enough exercise during the day

With an older baby, sufficient exercise contributes to good sleep. So give your child the chance to play despite the heat. Staying indoors in a cool room is a good option, but if you do go outside, it is of course important to lubricate your child well. The sun is strongest in the afternoon and the temperature sometimes rises high, so opt for the morning instead. Playing with water is definitely a good idea.

5. Give your baby a lukewarm bath before bedtime

A baby's body is not yet capable of regulating its temperature. Lend a hand by giving your baby a lukewarm bath before bed. The lukewarm water will help your baby acclimate better. Note: cold water has the opposite effect! In cold water, the body wants to warm up, so that your baby is even warmer after the bath. This also applies to adults!

6. Don't swaddle, but tuck it in tightly

Most swaddling methods are very warm and therefore not suitable during the hot summer. Your baby can overheat with all its consequences. To give your baby a sense of security, you can opt for a tight tuck. With an airy sheet is possible in warm weather. If you are planning to do that, read tip 7!

7. Opt for bedding made of airy materials

In hot weather it is wise to be careful with warm fabrics. It is logical that you do not put your baby on a thick sleeping bag, but also make sure that a summer romper is made of airy cotton. Most children like to sleep under a sheet anyway, so choose an airy sheet with a low TOG value. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and indicates how much heat your child can handle at which temperature. If you use two products at the same time, you add the TOG values together. Read more aboutTOG value.

8. Check your baby's temperature regularly

Check regularly that your child is not too hot. You can determine the body temperature with a thermometer, but you can also just feel it on the stomach or in the neck. If the skin feels really warm in these places, it is wise to take off clothing or look for a cooler room.

9. Don't let your baby cry too long if you can't sleep

Maintaining the regular bedtime ritual is important for peace and regularity, but if your baby really can't sleep and continues to cry, you can better comfort him. Crying a lot ensures that your baby's body warms up and that certainly does not make the whole situation better. So don't let your baby cry too long in hot weather!

Important to remember: If your baby's neck or feet feel clammy or sweaty, your baby is too warm. These spots should feel lukewarm and dry. Sweating is a sign of overheating in babies, so it doesn't have the same cooling function as we do! If your child feels clammy, then it is time to take action to let your child cool down slowly (!).

Bonus tip: itNUNKI sheet is nice and airy for the summer! With only 0.5 TOG, you can simply tuck in tight in warm weather.



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