This is how Fedde&Kees opts for sustainability

As a mother of four children, I like to make choices for a better future. Of course I want my children to have a nice life on this planet. That is why I make sustainable choices in my company Fedde&Kees. In this article you can read which sustainable choices I have made and how this affects the costs and price.

Let's first establish what exactly sustainability is. In my view, sustainability is making the right choices for a better future for people and the environment. In concrete terms, this means getting value for money, dealing with people in the right way and ensuring that you burden the environment as little as possible.

1. The best quality fabrics

At Fedde&Kees we choose the best quality fabrics. Of course we want to offer a good product and we want it to last as long as possible! For example, you can use the NUNKI sheet from birth to about 3 years. If you the washing instructions If you follow it properly and handle it properly, you can really continue to use the sheet for 3 years. We owe this to the choice of quality fabrics. So it is not necessary to buy a new sheet because of wear and tear. We do see that many parents order a second sheet for the daycare, with grandparents or for when the sheet is in the wash!

2. OEKO-TEX: safe for people and the environment

The fabrics we use have an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 quality mark. This means that the textile has been tested for substances that could be harmful to health, such as causing allergic reactions. In addition, the quality mark also sets requirements for the use of environmentally harmful substances such as heavy metals, crop protection and harmful dyes. By choosing textiles with the OEKO-TEX quality mark, we know for sure that we do not harm people or the environment. Read more about OEKO-TEX.

3. Handmade in Europe

All Fedde&Kees products are handmade in Europe. We work together with Polka. This company started more than 30 years ago as a small sewing workshop. There are now about 40 employees in the age category between 30 and 60 years. They receive a fair salary, good working conditions and most of them have been working for the company for years. These people work every day with great attention and pleasure on Fedde&Kees products. This way we can guarantee quality and help good employees find a nice job!

4. Return Policy

Ordering and returning clothing has a major impact on the environment. In recent years it has become known that many large webshops destroy clothing as soon as it is returned, because this is cheaper than making it ready for sale again. At Fedde&Kees we handle our stuff differently. We do not want to burden the environment with unnecessary waste and as a small entrepreneur we cannot afford to just throw away valuables. That is why you pay the shipping costs yourself if you want to return a product. We hope this makes you think better about your purchase. Are you really doubting whether it is something for you Then you can rent our products viaa Rent a crib.

Fedde&Kees returned products are always reused. If the product is brand new and unused, we can resell it. If the product has already been used or washed, your right to return will expire, but if we see an opportunity to use the product for a trade fair or as a sample, we will offer you the option to return it at a reduced rate. Tip: our products are also very popular on Vinted and Marktplaats!s!

5. Solar panels

The latter is a bit bland: there are solar panels on the Fedde&Kees business premises. This has a relatively small impact on my small company, because Fedde&Kees doesn't use that much power at all. Our office is quite small and most of the year we don't even turn on a light. Working in daylight is fine! At large companies, solar panels would have a much greater effect in proportion. Still, it is a completely logical choice for me to install solar panels on the roof, because every little bit helps!

Sustainability vs price

Do these sustainable choices affect the price? Yes. For example, my products could be cheaper if I had them produced in China. Still, with my wallet I prefer to opt for sustainability and human rights. I came up with the NUNKI sheet for my youngest son Fedde, who was a crybaby. It was not a commercial product at all at first. When it worked so well for Fedde, I thought: other parents need this too. That is why I founded Fedde&Kees. This company exists because I want to help people, not because I want to make a lot of money as quickly as possible. That too is sustainability for me: don't go for the short term, but strive for a better future. For my own children and for all the babies that are yet to be born..

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Frederieke Meihuizen

Owner Fedde&Kees®

Ik ben Frederieke, getrouwd met Ewoud en mama van 4 kindjes. Na op veel plekken gewoond te hebben, ben ik gesetteld in Nieuwkoop. Ik werkte in de commercie tot mijn vierde kindje geboren werd. Fedde was een huilbaby en vanuit deze wanhoop heb ik de producten van Fedde&Kees bedacht. Ik gooide mijn leven om en begon met ondernemen. Sinds 2018 help ik andere ouders naar een betere slaap!