Now 2 free Happy Baby Coach modules with your order

At Fedde&Kees we are on a mission to help babies sleep better.Fedde&Kees products help to create the ideal conditions for sleep, but whether a baby sleeps well depends on many factors. To help you even better, you now get 2 modules of Happy Baby Coach FREE when ordering a NUNKI sheet or BUNDI sleeping bag.

As a mother of 4 children I would have loved to follow these modules, especially with my youngest son Fedde. He was a crybaby and that caused a lot of frustration. TheHappy Baby Coach online courses you learn to understand your baby better, so that you as a parent understand where certain behavior comes from. If I had had this earlier, I would have been spared a lot of uncertainty!

When you order a NUNKI sheet or BUNDI sleeping bag, you will receive the following modules as a gift from us:

Happy Baby Pointer (0 - 4 months) module 1: A soft landing

  • Life outside mom
  • The fourth trimester
  • Can you spoil your baby?

Lovingly Independent Sleeping (4 months - 4 years) module 2: Reframed howling

  • Why is your baby crying?
  • Crying = communicating
  • How do you help your child let go of the day??

With this gift I hope to help you and your baby with the search for what works for you. Every baby is different and THE solution does not exist. What you can do is understand your baby better and create the optimal conditions. These modules will certainly help you with that. Good luck!



Frederieke Meihuizen

Owner Fedde&Kees®

Ik ben Frederieke, getrouwd met Ewoud en mama van 4 kindjes. Na op veel plekken gewoond te hebben, ben ik gesetteld in Nieuwkoop. Ik werkte in de commercie tot mijn vierde kindje geboren werd. Fedde was een huilbaby en vanuit deze wanhoop heb ik de producten van Fedde&Kees bedacht. Ik gooide mijn leven om en begon met ondernemen. Sinds 2018 help ik andere ouders naar een betere slaap!