NUNKI, sleeping tunnel and weighted blanket:what are the differences?

The NUNKI sheet, the sleeping tunnel and the weighted blanket have one thing in common: they all provide a feeling of security in bed. Yet they are completely different products with a different effect - and therefore not all suitable for babies. In this article we compare the products with each other, so that you get a clear picture of the similarities and differences.

Deep pressure

The main similarity between the NUNKI bed sheet, the sleeping tunnel and the weighted blanket is that they all work on the principle of deep pressure. Deep pressure is a stimulus that goes deeper than the superficial layers of the skin. A massage or firm hug also works with deep pressure. You feel it on your muscles and joints. This helps you relax and turn more inwards, making you less sensitive to external stimuli. This will help you calm down and fall asleep more easily. Read more about deep pressure >

How does the NUNKI sheet work?

ItNUNKI sheet from Fedde&Kees has been specially developed to help babies sleep better. The sheet consists of a fine, airy fabric with a band of tricot at the top. Tricot is a high-quality stretch fabric that does not slump in the wash and keeps its shape. The tricot band provides the deep pressure on the NUNKI sheet: by putting tension on the fabric, the fabric gently presses on your baby's upper body.

The deep pressure your baby experiences is just strong enough to get that relaxed feeling. Your baby can move the arms freely. Even if your child decides to remove the arms from under the sheet, the effect of the deep pressure on the upper body remains active. This will calm your baby and allow him to better surrender to sleep.

The rest of the sheet consists of a very soft and airy cotton. No pressure is applied in the cotton part. There is a lot of freedom of movement so that the baby can move its legs and the hips can develop properly. The sheet is made in such a way that you can make it very short or a little longer, completely adapted to the height of your child. This prevents your child from crawling down and ending up under the sheet. The NUNKI bed sheet is in no way dangerous - very safe!

What is a sleep tunnel?

You slide a sleeping tunnel around the mattress like a cover. Due to the stretchy fabric, a sleeping tunnel gives deep pressure to the entire body. This gives a sense of security and safety, making it easier for you to fall asleep. 

Sleeping tunnels arenot suitable for babies: the stretchy fabric over the entire length puts too much pressure on the legs and that hinders hip development. A sleeping tunnel can also be dangerous for young children. If a child younger than 2 years ends up under a sleeping tunnel, it is often not strong enough to get rid of the tight blanket. Due to the thick stretchy material, the child can become trapped and have difficulty breathing. There is then a risk of rebreathing': the carbon dioxide we exhale cannot escape sufficiently, which can cause the baby to suffocate. A sleeping tunnel is therefore only suitable for (older) children and adults. 

What does a weighted blanket do?

A weighted blanket is - the name says it all - a blanket that has been made heavier. Such a blanket is usually made of cotton and filled with small objects such as discs or beads that provide extra weight. That weight provides a deep pressure sensation and gives a safe and secure feeling.

How heavy a blanket should be for the right effect depends on your own body weight. The blanket should be about 10% of your own body weight. For example, if you weigh 75 kilos, you choose a blanket of 7 kg. A baby is still too light and too small for a weighted blanket. The same applies here: the pressure on the legs would hinder hip development..

Comparison table

To give a good idea of the differences and similarities between the products, we have put the properties in a clear table.

NUNKI sheet

sleeping tunnel


Alternative to tightly tucked in

Deep upper body pressure

Deep pressure on the legs

Goes around the mattress

Breathable fabric

depending on the fabric

TOG value (heat)




Safe if you end up under it

Suitable for babies

Suitable for children

✓ (up to 3 years)

​​✓ (from 2 years)

✓ (from 2 years)

Suitable for adults


NUNKI sheet: the only option for babies

All the products mentioned in this article are designed to help you sleep better. The main difference: the NUNKI sheet from Fedde&Kees is the only one specially developed for babies.

NUNKI only puts pressure on the upper body, so that your baby's hips get the chance to develop properly. The sheet is light and airy and therefore very suitable in the summer. In the winter, you can add warmth by putting your child in a sleeping bag or by putting a blanket over it. Tucking in is super simple: you put your baby to bed, tension the fabric with Velcro and zip the sheet shut. Anyone can do it in seconds!

Safe for babies

The NUNKI sheet goes around the mattress, so that it cannot come loose. You can also make the sheet short, so that your baby cannot crawl down.If the instructions are not followed properly and the child ends up under the sheet, then nothing is immediately wrong. We have taken this into account in the design.

The way of tensioning the tricot band ensures that there are always air holes on the left and right, so that rebreathing does not occur. If your child ends up at the bottom of the sheet, he can breathe through the airy cotton fabric. That way the NUNKI sheet is not dangerous, but very safe!!

Even more benefits

The deep pressure sensation makes your child calm, so that he falls and stays asleep more easily. The sheet has even more advantages:

✓ Tight tucking becomes super simple
✓ Does not fixate, the arms can go up
✓ Safe: the sheet cannot come loose
✓ Suitable for 0 months to 3 years
✓ Awarded with 2 Baby Innovation Awards

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