Sometimes more is needed! - Fedde&Kees TIP

For some babies, the Fedde&Kees method works like a miracle pill and almost every parent sees at least an improvement in sleep, but sometimes more is needed!

A negative pattern must be broken with your baby, but also in the way you as a parent deal with this, sometimes you are completely stuck and you just don't know it anymore. You will find many conflicting stories and advice on the internet. You can no longer see the forest for the trees.

The threshold to a sleep coach can sometimes be too high:

  • There is a lot of choice
  • Which method is right for me
  • I don't want to bring anyone home
  • Too pricey

Can be reasons not to choose an individual sleep coach. These are actually the reasons why my husband and I never did this to our son Fedde. If only I had known Anja Caers back then!

Anja Caers has been an Osteopath for more than 20 years and has specialized herself in all those years on the growing problem of poorly sleeping babies. In addition to all her practical experience, she has seized everything to master all facets of this problem. Anja has combined all this knowledge in an Online Video Course:

"Lovingly independent sleeping" especially aimed at babies from 4 months:

➡️ Does your baby still need a lot of help to fall asleep?

➡️ Are the naps often too short and the nights remain broken?

➡️ Do the feeding moments increase rather than decrease?

➡️ Does your child suffer from separation anxiety or night terrors??

🚫Don't like quick fixes (thickening porridges, strict sleep training, letting them cry alone...), who want to 'address' the behavior of your child, but do not look at the need behind the behavior?

Are you looking for practical and loving handles to help your little one sleep better, in a way that fits your vision of mild and responsive parenting?

Then this course is for you!

I think it is a great advantage that you are given tools in your own way, at your own pace to break the negative sleep cycle. Anja does not tell you what to do, but what you can do and also offers several options so that you and your partner can always choose what suits you best. Not a 1-sided method but many insights and handles and very accessible.

Get to know Anja Caers:

I definitely recommend that you follow her on Instagram first to get a feel for Anja and what she does, you can already get some valuable tips here:@Happybabycoach

Because Anja has a lot of knowledge of the principle of deep pressure that the Nunki sheet offers and is also a big fan of it, I can offer you a discount if you have purchased the Nunki sheet or the set. This is a discount worth 10,- 

Send me a message via the website with your order number if you want to use this code.

Via the you will find more information about Anja and the online modules.

If you have any questions for me, don't hesitate to contact me and I may be able to tell you more.

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Frederieke Meihuizen

Owner Fedde&Kees®

Ik ben Frederieke, getrouwd met Ewoud en mama van 4 kindjes. Na op veel plekken gewoond te hebben, ben ik gesetteld in Nieuwkoop. Ik werkte in de commercie tot mijn vierde kindje geboren werd. Fedde was een huilbaby en vanuit deze wanhoop heb ik de producten van Fedde&Kees bedacht. Ik gooide mijn leven om en begon met ondernemen. Sinds 2018 help ik andere ouders naar een betere slaap!