The perfect daily rhythm on holiday with a baby

You are happy, excited and a little nervous. The time has almost come: you are going on holiday with your youngster! This isn't just any holiday - it's the very first time you'll be going away with a baby. A new adventure awaits you, full of unpredictability and surprises. That's quite exciting, because how are you going to organize your vacation days without disrupting your baby's rhythm? Fedde&Kees has a number of practical tips!!

It all starts with the right perspective. Forget the vacations you were used to before you became a proud parent. If you used to spend long mornings lazing on the beach because you had enjoyed too many drinks in the vibrant nightlife the night before, prepare yourself for a completely different holiday experience. Don't worry, because this adventure also brings brand new experiences.  

Realistic expectations

The most important thing for a stress-free vacation is having realistic expectations. So let's get straight to the point: there is actually no such thing as a perfect daily routine on holiday. Every baby is different and will give his or her own signals. As a parent, it is your job to recognize these signals and respond to them. Is your baby crying? Maybe he is hungry, wants to play or is just tired. Listen to your intuition and act accordingly. Trust yourself, because you know your baby best!!

Sleep rhythm

On holiday with a baby it's all about balance. It is important to get enough rest for your little one, but also for yourself. A rested baby is a happy baby - and a happy baby makes for a relaxing holiday. Therefore, try to tailor your daily schedule as much as possible to your baby's regular sleep rhythm. This does not mean that you have to stay at the holiday address all the time, because some babies also sleep well in the stroller during a long walk or in the car. Plan your activities so that your baby can sleep at regular times and you are much more likely to have a happy baby during waking times!

Fixed rituals

On holiday, everything feels, smells and tastes different than at home. That may be why you like going on holiday, but it can be overwhelming for your baby. Therefore, stick to your home rituals as much as possible. Create a familiar sleeping environment at your holiday destination with familiar bedding and your child's favorite cuddly toy.

A fixed ritual before going to sleep can also work wonders. Start de-stimulating on time by finding a quiet place. Take at least half an hour to let your child relax in a low-stimulus environment. If your baby always takes a bath at home before going to sleep, try to do that here too. Sing the same song and tuck your baby in the same way you would at home. This way your baby recognizes when it is time to go to sleep..

Tip: with it NUNKI sheet create a simple and recognizable bedtime ritual! You can also use the sheet in most camping beds.

Recognizing sleep signals

A steady rhythm is important for a baby, but even more important is recognizing sleep signals. Does your little one yawn, rub his eyes or suddenly become restless and irritable? These are all signs that he is starting to get tired. Then try to take him to a quiet area so he can take a nap. Some people like to have a sling with them on holiday, so that your baby can fall asleep against you while you enjoy your holiday.  

Be flexible on holiday

Although it is important to stick to your home sleep schedule and bedtime routine, you also need to be flexible. It may happen that your baby does not want to sleep in his normal bed or that the sleeping ritual does not go entirely according to plan. Don't worry, this is all part of it. After all, it is the holiday and there are so many new impressions that will attract the attention of your little one. Listen carefully to your baby, recognize signals, adjust your plan and enjoy all new experiences together..

Relax and enjoy!

Vacations are meant to relax and recharge your batteries. Therefore, make sure that you have some time for yourself every now and then. If you have family coming along, they may be able to watch the baby while you and your partner go out for dinner. If there are just the two of you, agree that one will babysit for a while, so that the other can dive into the pool..

Don't be too hard on yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from the experience. Remember, there is no set formula that works for everyone. Listen to your baby, adapt and enjoy this precious time together. It sounds very cliché, but time flies very quickly and before you know it your child is suddenly no longer a little baby. Enjoy, make beautiful memories and cherish this special holiday with your little one!



Frederieke Meihuizen

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