This is how you use the NUNKI sheet in a camping bed

Are you going on holiday with your baby, staying overnight, going to the beach for a day or is your baby going to daycare? Then your baby is out of his normal routine and may have more difficulty falling asleep. The NUNKI sheet can help you with this. The sheet provides a nice pressure, which allows your child to relax better and fall asleep more easily - especially if your child also sleeps under the NUNKI sheet at home! Fortunately, NUNKI can be used in combination with most camping beds. In this article you can read which size you need and how to best format NUNKI for the most effect..

View below an overview of camping beds that can be used in combination with it NUNKI sheet.

Standard camping bed

Most camping cots for babies have a standard model. Some examples are the Qute Q-dream, Koelstra Travelsleeper, Puck Noor camping bed, Titaniumbaby camping bed, the Little Dutch camping bed - and there are many more.

What size NUNKI?
These camping beds contain a plank mattress. If you only use this mattress, you can use NUNKI co sleeper or NUNKI bed in the bed. Please note that you have to fasten the crib sheet a little tighter than normal, because the mattress is slightly thinner. If you use a  extra mattress? Then we recommend the crib sheet. You then place the NUNKI sheet around the mattress and the bottom board, so that it is strong enough and does not warp.

Aeromoov Instant travel cot

The Aeromoov Instant travel cot has two positions. In the high position Both the NUNKI co sleeper sheet and the crib sheet fit. Please note that you have to fasten the crib sheet a little tighter than normal, because the mattress is slightly thinner. In the low position the travel cot is a lot longer, which means that the NUNKI cot sheet fits better.


Deryan travel cot

The Deryan travel cot contains an inflatable mattress. When you take this mattress out, a NUNKI co sleeper sheet fits perfectly. The crib sheet also works fine here, but you have to fasten the sheet a little tighter than normal.


Nuna Sena Camping Bede

The Nuna Sena Camping Bed is a playpen and bed in one. The NUNKI crib sheet fits in this..

BabyBjörn light camping bed

The BabyBjörn light is a fairly spacious camping bed. The NUNKI crib sheet fits best in this.

Joie Kubbie Sleep Camping Bed

The Joie Kubbie Sleep camping bed is a bit like a co-sleeper. The NUNKI sheet that fits best in this camping bed is the co-sleeper version!

Bonus tip for newborns

Do you have a newborn baby and are you looking for a camping bed? Then the  Bamboo Babynest Co-Sleeper maybe something for you. It is a small bed that you can easily take with you and the NUNKI crib sheet fits perfectly in it.

Test it out at home

The NUNKI sheet can therefore be used in most camping beds! Always make sure that you make the sheet tight enough so that the tension can do its work on your child. Try it out at home so that you are prepared for your holiday. If you have any doubts about the layout, you can always send a photo to and we will take a look. Have fun on holiday!


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