Why cuddling with your baby is so important

Cuddling with your newborn baby is not only nice, but also very healthy! Babies who are cuddled experience less stress, cry less and develop better. Why is that? In this article you can read why cuddling is so important for your baby - and how to give your baby exactly what he needs..

From womb to outside world

To understand what a baby is going through, we start in the belly. Your baby is tight and secure in the womb. Everything your baby needs is there. In the safe cocoon, your baby swings back and forth in slow motion and there is constant oxygen and nutrition. Stimuli such as light and sound enter dampened. There is no difference between day and night. Your baby just takes an occasional nap. Everything is nice and comfortable.

The transition to the outside world is great: breathing, loud noises, bright light, space to move - everything is new.


Outside world

secure and tight

space and air

delayed swing

moving uncontrollably

nice and warm

alternating hot and cold


bright light

muffled sound

loud noises

no smell

all different scents

constant oxygen via umbilical cord

breathing yourself

constant nutrition through umbilical cord

hungry, drink yourself

the environment is constantly the same

big difference between day and night

take a short nap every now and then

(longer) learning to sleep in a rhythm

naked in warm liquid

the feeling of dust on the skin

always pressed against mom

being alone

Happy Baby Coach

So your baby actually has a huge jet lag! No wonder that not everything goes smoothly right away. Your baby still has to get used to the new situation and that takes time. By cuddling him a lot, your baby can discover this new world from your safe arms.

The fourth trimester

Most mammals stand on their feet fairly quickly after birth. In humans it is different. Our babies are helpless and completely dependent on you. The first 3 months are also sometimes‘The fourth trimester named. A baby does not yet have control over movements, the digestive system is not yet working properly and the brain still needs to develop considerably. So your baby isn't really finished yet." The first months are quite tough for your baby and that's why cuddling is so very important! 

8 benefits of cuddling

As a parent, you naturally want to do everything you can to help your baby get used to the outside world. Cuddling plays an important role, especially in this first phase. Babies who receive lots of love and warmth from the start are more likely to develop into happy, resilient adults with fewer fears. The benefits of cuddling at a glance:

  • Security.Your baby is used to the cramped environment of your womb. There he felt safe and at ease. With a firm hug, your baby experiences that same familiar feeling of security.

  • Close proximity.Your baby was safely snuggled up against you in the womb. Your baby still needs that closeness after birth. You see this phenomenon more often in nature: the hen sitting on a nest of chicks and the kangaroo carrying her baby in her pouch. We humans are no different!

  • Cuddle hormone.Cuddling releases hormones. Oxytocin is also called the cuddle hormone and gives a pleasant feeling. The hormone encourages us to connect with each other and plays an important role in bonding between parent and child..

  • Less stress.The stress hormonecortisol inhibits brain development and makes babies more susceptible to illness and anxiety disorders. Cuddle hormone oxytocin works stress-reducing. This is important for a baby, because he is still developing.
    • Develop the brain.In a newborn baby, the connections in the brain have yet to form. Also, the most important growth and development of the brain takes place in the first year - and cuddle hormone oxytocin has a positive effect on this!

    • Positive experiences.In the new and unknown world, your baby could use some comfort and support. Positive experiences such as cuddling, talking and laughing cause the production of hormones that stimulate the connections in the brain.

    • Strengthen immune system.Physical touch provides a stronger immune system. Your baby will get sick less quickly and if he does get sick, the complaints will be less severe. Your child will benefit from this for the rest of his life!

    • Deep pressure.A firm hug has the same effect as a massage: the stimulus penetrates the deeper skin layer and even muscles and joints. This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and puts the body in a state ofrest & digest. You then produce more oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. This helps to relax and turn inwards, so that you perceive external stimuli less. Just like in the womb!!
    • Bonus advantage: adults also produce the cuddle hormone oxytocin when touched physically. Cuddling with your baby a lot has benefits for you too! It makes you calmer, happier and reduces stress.

      The womb feeling in bed

      Nothing is nicer than a big hug from mom or dad, but you can't always be around.When your baby goes to sleep, tucking it in tightly gives the same feeling of security. There is a challenge: your baby has no control over his movements andkicks loose the sheet in no time.

      That's why I got itNUNKI sheet invented. With this sheet, tucking in tightly is super simple. The sheet goes around the mattress and cannot come loose. You can simply tuck in by opening and closing the sheet.The elastic fabric on the top creates onedeep pressure sensation on the upper body. This helps your baby relax and process stimuli, just like in the womb.

      This is how Fedde&Kees cuddles your baby to sleep!

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