Why is boundaries important for a baby?

The transition from the womb to the outside world is big. Your baby is used to being tight and secure in the womb, where everything happens automatically. Once born, your baby has to get used to the new living environment. Your baby needs boundaries. What exactly is limitation Why is it important for a baby What can you as a parent do to give your baby boundaries? Read all about limitations in this article.el.

A newborn baby is completely dependent on its parents and does not yet have control over its own body. In fact, at first he doesn't even realize he has a body. It is therefore difficult for a baby to determine where his body ends and where the rest of the world begins. This can make him feel lost and in extreme need of something to hold on to. Boundaries are then one of the things your baby craves.

What is limitation?

Boundaries literally mean that you indicate a boundary, that you demarcate where one thing ends and another begins. This is relevant for a baby, because he does not yet understand exactly where his body starts and ends. When your baby is in the womb, he constantly experiences confinement by the uterus. This is a nice and safe feeling, something a baby can really miss after birth.

How do I give my baby boundaries??

You give your baby boundaries by placing something tangible against their body. This way your baby feels that something else starts there and he understands that his own body ends there. This can be done in many different ways. A few examples:

  • Cuddle. The most natural way to give your baby a sense of boundaries is to cuddle. Your arms around your baby provide a nice and safe feeling, which your baby can enjoy immensely.
  • Skin-to-skin contact. Even without constantly wrapping your arms tightly around your baby, your baby can really enjoy skin-to-skin contact. It ensures parent-child bonding, gives a feeling of security and lets your baby relax. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to provide skin-to-skin contact 24/7. It is also not recommended during sleep.
  • Baby sling. A baby is kept tight and secure in a sling. Gravity ensures that your baby experiences nice pressure, allowing him to relax better.
  • Tuck in tight. This provides boundaries and allows your child to relax better. Tucking it in tightly is not difficult, but there is a good chance that your child will kick the sheet loose again due to the uncontrolled movements. It NUNKI sheet is a real solution: the sheet goes around the mattress so that it cannot come loose.
  • Cuddle cloth above the head. In bed, a small cuddle cloth above your child's head can provide a feeling of boundaries and security. Make sure you choose a small cuddle cloth. A large cloth or cuddly toy is not recommended for safety reasons. This pacifier wipes have the ideal size.
  • Baby nest. A baby nest is a mattress with raised edges. A nice way to create a defined area in and of the box. Please note that baby nests are not very safe for sleeping babies. If your baby ends up with his head against the side, he will not be able to breathe properly. Therefore, only use a baby nest under supervision.

  • NUNKI sheet provides boundaries

    The need for boundaries in a baby has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for it NUNKI sheet. The sheet has an elastic band made of a fine tricot fabric that exerts just the right pressure on your child's upper body. This nice, tight feeling of confinement is comparable to gravity when you carry your child and the feeling of a tight hug. This way your child feels safe and can relax better. This ensures that your child falls asleep faster and sleeps longer!


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