Why you should not swaddle after vaccination (and what you can do)

Swaddling is a good tool to calm your baby when he needs to go to sleep. With traditional swaddling, you use a cloth to wrap your baby tightly, so that uncontrolled movement is no longer possible. Nowadays there are all kinds of products and sleeping bags to make swaddling easier. However, swaddling after a vaccination is not wise, not even with modern methods. In this article you can read why you should not swaddle your baby after vaccination and what you can do.

Why not swaddle after vaccination?

Swaddling after vaccination is not recommended because your child may develop a fever. Little babies can't yet sweat to cool down like we adults do. In a baby, the heat is regulated through the head and hands. If your baby is swaddled, the hands are hidden in the dust. This makes cooling very difficult and can lead to heat build-up. The temperature of your child then continues to rise and this increases the risk of cot death. To avoid all this misery, it is wise to refrain from swaddling after vaccination.

When is swaddling dangerous?

Swaddling after vaccination can be dangerous up to 1 to 2 days after vaccination. If your child is completely fever-free after 48 hours and has not become ill from the vaccination, you can safely swaddle again. Keep a close eye on your baby's temperature. If the feet or neck feel clammy, your baby is too warm. In babies, sweating is a sign of overheating! If your baby feels clammy, it is better not to swaddle..

Swaddling can also be dangerous in these situations:

  • with warm weather
  • in prone position
  • in case of shortness of breath or respiratory infections
  • with hip dysplasia
  • with wet eczema

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How to swaddle after vaccination?

If you are looking for an alternative to swaddling after vaccination, choose an option where your baby has completely free head and hands. U.Ss BUNDI sleeping bag is a good example of this. It is a mild way of swaddling, where you can zip the zippers under the sleeves of the sleeping bag. Your baby can still move the arms, but no longer mow uncontrollably with the arms. The hands are then free, just like with a normal sleeping bag.

If you still want to swaddle after vaccination, then the BUNDI sleeping bag (only 0.3 TOG!) is a good option. Make sure not to fold the mittens over your hands. After vaccination, you want your hands to be free to cool down. Good luck!



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