3 items that really help your baby sleep better

There are so many things for babies that as a parent you sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. All that stuff is very expensive and chances are you hardly use it. When it comes to your baby's sleep, there are really only 3 items you really need. Find out what they are in this article.

Disclaimer: every baby is different and there is no such thing as a miracle pill to ensure your baby always sleeps well. Unfortunately. If this had existed, you would have known about it. So stop striving for perfection and accept that some things don't always go right.

What can make a huge difference is creating the ideal conditions for sleep. This offers no guarantees, but at least you can be sure that you are not overlooking any simple causes of poor sleep. Therefore, also read this article: The ultimate guide to creating the ideal sleeping environment for your baby

Okay, that said, it's time for the 3 items that will ensure that your baby sleeps better and make your life as a parent a lot easier.

1. White noise

White noise (in Dutch: white noise) is a kind of monotonous, buzzing or rushing sound. The frequencies of the sound always have the same intensity, so there are no outliers up or down. White noise is often used as background noise to mask ambient noise and create a constant, quiet sound environment. This is very soothing for babies.

It is said to remind babies of the consistent soundscape they hear in the womb; there all sounds also sound monotonous and dull. In this way, white noise ensures that babies experience less stress and relax more easily, which in turn can be beneficial for your baby's sleep.

If your baby has trouble sleeping, it is definitely worth adding white noise to the baby room. There are all kinds of devices and cuddly toys for sale that produce white noise, but there are also simply apps that allow you to play white noise via your smartphone. Please note that you never put (large) cuddly toys or devices in the bed, as this is considered unsafe. If you use your smartphone, make sure that all visual stimuli (such as a lit screen) are absent. This can actually stimulate your child, making it more difficult to sleep.

2. A comfortable chair for yourself

During the first few months, your baby still has to learn to sleep independently . This means that it is completely normal that your baby needs you to fall asleep in the beginning. Your child likes to be very close to you, needs touch and prefers to fall asleep on top of you. It is nice to ultimately strive for a situation in which your child can fall asleep without your help, but that may take some time. Until then, it is important that you as a parent have a comfortable place in the baby's room, so that you can be patient and comfortable with your baby when he needs you.

I personally missed this enormously with my four children. I used to stand desperately and uncomfortably over the crib trying to comfort my babies, hoping that they would soon stop crying. That does not work. Your baby senses your stress and cannot relax.

Therefore, make sure you create a nice spot for yourself, so that you can sit comfortably next to the crib or bed. Sometimes you'll be there for quite a while, so bring something to entertain yourself with. Avoid items that contain stimuli, but choose something to listen to through earphones, such as music or a podcast. Do you use your smartphone for this? Make sure your screen is turned off, because even the dimmest lighting could keep your baby awake. You now sit comfortably, have your hands free to comfort your baby when necessary and are less likely to feel the anxiety of having to leave the room. That is really very valuable!

3. The NUNKI sheet

When Fedde - my fourth child - couldn't find peace in his bed, I became a bit despondent. He liked being tucked in tightly, but kept kicking the sheets loose. As parents, we stood by his bed for hours to keep the sheet in place. I then thought: this must be possible differently? But I couldn't find a good solution. That's why I went to the drawing board myself.

After trying many things, I invented something: a sheet that goes around the mattress and can easily be closed with a zipper. Fedde was tucked in nice and tight and could no longer kick the sheet loose. And it worked! My baby finally had the nice tight feeling he needed and I had my hands free to stroke him to sleep. It worked so well for Fedde that I thought: other parents deserve this too. That's why I founded Fedde&Kees.

Shortly afterwards, the NUNKI sheet won two prizes and more than 40,000 babies now sleep better with the unique sheet. The elastic band at the top provides gentle pressure on the upper body. This allows your child to process stimuli and relax better, just like in the womb. Your baby will then fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

As the creator of this product, I can tell you how well it works, but you might prefer to read the experiences of others. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Bonus tip: small cuddle cloth

Have you checked off the 3 items above? Then I have a little tip for you. Place a small cuddle cloth above your baby's head. A young baby does not yet know exactly where his or her body ends and the cuddle cloth provides a safe sense of boundaries. It can be that simple!



Frederieke Meihuizen

Owner Fedde&Kees®

Ik ben Frederieke, getrouwd met Ewoud en mama van 4 kindjes. Na op veel plekken gewoond te hebben, ben ik gesetteld in Nieuwkoop. Ik werkte in de commercie tot mijn vierde kindje geboren werd. Fedde was een huilbaby en vanuit deze wanhoop heb ik de producten van Fedde&Kees bedacht. Ik gooide mijn leven om en begon met ondernemen. Sinds 2018 help ik andere ouders naar een betere slaap!