Sleep tips for parents of twins

Parenting twins is like a rollercoaster – double the love, double the fun, and let's be honest, sometimes double the challenges. One of the biggest challenges parents of twins face is juggling the sleep of not one, but two babies. In this article we share valuable sleeping tips that not only help your twins sleep better, but can also give you as a parent more rest and sleep.

Sleep together

Newborn babies need a lot of sleep . It is therefore important to create a sleep routine that suits the needs of both babies. You may be afraid that they'll cry each other awake - and they certainly will - but most parents of twins still recommend co-sleeping your babies. They are used to each other's company from the womb, so the closeness of the brother or sister often gives a feeling of security. They quickly get used to each other's company and you will be surprised how one sometimes sleeps well when the other is crying.

Another advantage of sleeping together is that you can deal efficiently with the sleeping ritual and, for example, night feeding. When the babies are close together, as a parent you only have to be in one place. With twins it may be more common that both parents have to get out of bed to give the children the attention they need at that moment.

The power of synchronization

Try to coordinate your twins' sleep and feeding schedules as much as possible from the start. While this may seem like a challenge, in the long run it will provide precious moments of peace for you and your partner. Creating a shared routine not only helps with organization, but it also promotes a sense of safety and security in your babies. Even if one person has more difficulty falling asleep, the sleeping brother or sister will actually stimulate drowsiness.

Invest in a good sleeping environment

A restful sleep environment is crucial for every baby - including twins. Provide comfortable mattresses, blackout curtains and a pleasant temperature. Between 18 and 21 degrees is ideal for the baby's room. It is important that the room has few stimuli and distractions, so that your babies can completely surrender to sleep. For more tips, also read: The ultimate guide to creating the ideal sleeping environment.

Sleep signals in twins

Recognizing sleep signals in one baby is an art in itself, let alone in two. Pay close attention to the little cues your twins give when they start to get tired. Whether it's yawning, rubbing your eyes, fiddling with your ears, or a sudden change in mood – these signals are your guides to a good sleep process. Do you see sleep signals in either of the two babies? Then start the bedtime ritual slowly, so that your other baby also recognizes that it is time to go to sleep. Remove all stimuli such as sounds and visual stimulation so that your babies can become calm and sleepy.

Preferably put your twins to bed at the same time. Does one sleep right away, but the other is still awake? Then stay with it for a moment and rest your hand on the head or belly. Your presence, in combination with the sleeping brother or sister, will hopefully ensure that baby number 2 also slowly falls asleep.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Parenting is a team effort, and this goes double for parents of twins. Make use of each other's strengths and divide the tasks in a way that works for both of you. Whether it's nighttime feedings, diaper changes or moments of comfort – collaboration is the key to a more relaxing sleep routine. So communicate well with your partner and try out what works best for you. Having twins is sometimes more work, but it also has advantages. During cuddle time you don't have to wait your turn, but you can cuddle one of your sweet babies at the same time!

How do I use the NUNKI sheet for twins?

The NUNKI sheet is also suitable for twins! We regularly receive photos from parents of twins, who very gratefully use our sheet. You can of course buy two sheets for two different beds, but if your twins like to sleep together there are two options:

1. Together under one sheet. This is especially nice for twins who are very attached to each other and always want to sleep together.

2. Together in one bed, but each on the other side, with their heads together. You then put a sheet around both sides of the mattress, so that everyone has their own nice space to sleep in. The heads are still together, so that your babies can feel and experience each other's closeness.

Option 1

NUNKI with twins, option 2
Option 2

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