When to swaddle? Swaddling is not safe in these 8 situations!

When is swaddling a good idea and when it is better not to do it Earlier we already described thee pros and cons of swaddling and in this article we zoom in further on specific situations where swaddling is not recommended.

1. Do not swaddle after 6 months

Until when can you swaddle As soon as your baby starts rolling over, you should stop swaddling immediately. A swaddled baby cannot move its arms and is therefore unable to push itself up. If your child rolls over and ends up face down, this can have serious consequences. Most babies learn to roll over between 4 and 6 months. If your baby does not roll over at 6 months, it is better to stop swaddling preventively, because he can roll over at any moment.n.

2. Do not swaddle with a fever

If your baby has a fever, it is better not to swaddle him. Babies are not yet able to cool down and don't sweat like adults do. The heat is regulated through the heads and hands. If a baby is swaddled, with its hands in the dust, the baby cannot lose the heat properly, so that the body temperature continues to rise. We call this heat accumulation. Heat buildup is dangerous for babies and increases the risk of cot death. In case of an increase (between 37.5 and 38 degrees) or a fever (warmer than 38 degrees), swaddling can be dangerous, because it increases the chance of heat build-up..

3. Do not swaddle in hot weather

In the summer you have to be extra careful if you want to swaddle your baby. If the environment is warm, your child has more trouble cooling down. It is even more difficult for a swaddled baby to lose heat, so it is very important to pay attention to the materials of clothing and bedding. A cotton romper with short sleeves is recommended in the summer and if it is really warm, you can also decide to swaddle naked. Always check the TOG value of the products you use and make sure the combination is not too hot.

4. Do not swaddle in case of shortness of breath or respiratory infections

If your child suffers from shortness of breath or a respiratory infection such as the RS virus, it is better not to swaddle. There is a good chance that your child's body temperature will rise or that he or she will even develop a fever. A lot of coughing also makes your baby warm faster. Prevent heat build-up and stop swaddling until your baby feels better..

5. Do not swaddle after vaccination

Why you should not swaddle after vaccination This has to do with how your baby reacts to the injection. It is possible that your child will develop a fever after the vaccination. If your baby is tightly swaddled, there is insufficient regulation of heat. The child cannot lose the heat and heat build-up can occur. It is therefore advised not to swaddle children for the first 24 hours after a vaccination..

6. Don't Swaddle For Hip Dysplasia

As many as 1 in 50 babies is born with an underdeveloped hip joint. For a good development of the hips, it is important that your baby has the freedom to fully extend and bend the legs (frog position). For that reason, swaddling is not recommended for (an increased risk of) hip dysplasia. Your baby has an increased risk if it runs in the family, if he was breech, if there was not enough space in the womb or if he is swaddled (too) tightly. If you opt for swaddling, always make sure that the legs can move freely!

7. Do not swaddle with wet eczema

Does your baby have eczema Depending on the type of eczema, it is better whether or not to swaddle your baby. Always talk to your doctor about whether swaddling can have a positive or negative effect on your baby's eczema type. In general, swaddling with wet eczema is not recommended. Swaddling is possible with dry eczema. The advantage of swaddling with dry eczema is that your baby does not get the chance to rub or scratch and a good night's sleep can calm the eczema..

8. Do not swaddle when prone

If your child prefers the prone position when he goes to sleep, then swaddling is not a good idea. A baby who likes to sleep on his stomach must have his arms available at all times to be able to change position. This prevents a baby from being unable to move if he ends up face down in bed. It is therefore wise to stop swaddling at 4 months, when most babies start rolling over. If your baby rolls over earlier, you should stop earlier..

Swaddling with reflux, is that allowed?

Swaddling for reflux is not directly dangerous. If your baby suffers from (hidden) reflux, you can simply swaddle. In fact, babies who suffer from reflux experience a lot of discomfort and benefit from a sense of security. Reflux and swaddling go well together, but keep in mind that treating the symptoms does not solve the problem. If your child suffers a lot from (complicated) reflux, it is always wise to look for the cause and to consult with a specialist.

Alternative to swaddling

Is swaddling not recommended, but if you want to give your baby a safe and secure feeling in bed? Then the BUNDI sleeping bag and NUNKI sheet are a good alternative to swaddling. 

It BUNDI sleeping bag (only 0.3 TOG) has zippers under the sleeves, with which you can reduce the freedom of movement of the arms. Your baby can no longer mow with the arms, but has more freedom of movement than with swaddling. If you are not using the mittens, the hands are completely free to cool down. With the unique sleeping bag you can gradually reduce swaddling by putting on the zipper a little further, completely at the pace of your child.

With the innovative NUNKI sheet you can easily tuck your baby in tightly, so that he experiences the womb feeling in bed. The function is in the elastic band at the top: this gives a deep pressure on the upper body, which calms your child. This is how the sheet takes the cause of unrest while swaddling only fights the symptoms. The sheet is very airy and can also be used in warm weather. Your child has a lot of freedom of movement, so you can choose the sleeping position yourself. The legs can move freely and the hands can go up.

The combination of NUNKI and BUNDI works optimally, because it tackles both the cause and the consequences of unrest. This way your baby falls and stays asleep peacefully. The NUNKI sheet also prevents the first phase of rolling over. Once your child is strong enough to roll under the sheet, he is also strong enough to push himself up with the sleeping bag on. Yes, even with the zippers closed there is sufficient freedom of movement!!



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